Canaan has released a new Avalonminer 8 Firmware for Higher Efficiency !

Tweak the efficiency of your Avalonminer 821 / 841 / or 851


Canaan has just released a new firmware for the Avalon 8 series which brings better Efficiency. The miner will be underclocked and the powerconsumption can be reduced by up to 30%. The hashrate will decrease aswell, but all in all efficiency will be better. That’s what matters in the times of high electricity costs and cheap hardware prices.


Every model has different firmware for the machine itself and the controller&Raspberry Pi, you can find the download links :



AvalonMiner 821:
AvalonMiner 841:
AvalonMiner 851:


AvalonMiner 821:
AvalonMiner 841:
AvalonMiner 851:



You need to update the machines MCS firmware and also reflash your controller image to make sure the controller detects the newly configured miner.


Here is a guide on how to reflash your avalonminer controller:   GUIDE


    I have downloaded .mcs file and firmware . As you said above first i updated MM and then re-flash firmware for my avalonMiner 851.
    After 10 minutes the hash rate is 87 TH/S.
    Let me know how can I increase hash rate to nominal value.
    Regards .
    Rasoul Komari
    [email protected]

    Thanks for your helpful guides on your website
    As you may know it is possible to overclock s9j to increase it’s hashrate from 14.5Th/s up to 18Th/s I wonder if it is possible to overclock avalon miner 851 to get more hashrate compared to it’s nominal hashrate?

      Hi Mr. SALIM ,
      If you set the offset voltage to +1 then you will see about 7 TH/s increase in your miners.

    Is there any new updates for A841?
    Best regards


      None in stock yet.

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