Techmagnet was founded 2012 by Stefan as “ITXtutor”. Stefan has a technical background and has been around in the blogging community since 2010. In the beginning, Stefan has modded a lot of Chinese smartphones and uploaded tutorials on how to flash smartphones or solve technical issues. After some time “ITXtutor” got a lot of views and also attention from big companies like Samsung, Huawei, Sony and many more. In 2016 the channel got rebranded to “Techmagnet” under a partnership with its CO-Founder Florian Lindebner. The YouTube channel has now over 250.000 Subscribers and 77.000.000 total views, making it one of the biggest European tech related channels. The 800+ videos on their channel cover smartphones, gadgets, technology news and useful guides and tutorials. They have also started a tech-show on Radio One Lebanon, one of the biggest facebook radio fan pages.

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Read more here: [in German]

Madonna Blogger Award [in German]

A1 – Blog [in German]


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