How I made 200% return Trading Bitcoin and Altcoins!

Beginning of October this year we started our Cryptocurrency Market Reports, since then we could achieve a cumulated return of 197,90 % until today! In this timeframe we did 12 Trades in Bitcoin, Etherium and some other Altcoins like NEM, ETC, BCC, IOTA and so on. On average we made a profit of 16,50% on each trade including our loosing positions.

Find out more about our Trading Signals here: Service suspended for now.


All trades are tracked so that full transparency is given to any customer and we prepared 3 different virtual depots to see the suggested Moneymanagent with different amounts of Trading capital. We assumed three different sizes of trading capital, 2.500EUR, 5.000EUR and 10.000EUR. Also, the employed capital for each trade was assumed at a certain percentage, as can be seen in the comparison below:

Our Trading signals are provided on a weekly basis and are available at a price of 49,99 EUR incl. AT VAT (yearly subscription) here.


The aim of our Cryptocurrency Market Reports is to support both the layman and the professional Cryptocurrency investor or trader in their decision making. Our report will include the following content in form of a weekly briefing via Email:

  • Brief weekly briefing in form of an Editorial
  • New Signals or Watchlist Candidates every week
  • Easy to replicate information, we provide plain Signals with instruction when to buy or sell and the reason why
  • Instant Notifications via E-Mail in case that Watchlist candidates reach our designated zones of interest
  • No pump and dump service –real Trading/ Investment Information
  • Overview of historical trade ideas At this point we focus on direct Cryptocoin trades.

This yearly subscription includes 52+ weekly issues.

You can find the detailed Product description of the Crypto Trading Signals under the following link: Service suspended for now.



Tom – Cryptouniverse




All information is based on sources which we believe to be credible. Despite careful processing, we cannot provide any guarantee for the accuracy of the provided information and price quotes. All included opinions and information have exclusively the purpose to inform and do not constitute any liability. Any claims for recourse, both direct and indirect, and warranty are therefore excluded. All contained opinions and information are not intended as invitation to enter any transaction. Moreover, the strategies and ideas presented do not call for a replication. Before each transaction an examination shall be done in order to check whether the respective transaction is suitable in terms of personal and economic circumstances. We would like to point out that the trading with Cryptocurrencies or derivates like options, futures and ETFs is associated with fundamental risks and the total loss of the employed capital cannot be excluded.

Since options and futures are leveraged products, it is necessary to acquire the approval to be eligible for derivatives trading. The media Cryptocurrency Market Report nor its issuer Cryptouniverse provide the necessary clarification function. This information is assumed to be known. Anybody who acts on basis of strategies and information presented in the Cryptocurrency Market Report is assumed to possess the necessary knowledge to be eligible to do so and is therefore fully and completely responsible of the involved risks. The opinions and information expressed in the Cryptocurrency Market Report may not be regarded as general or personal advice since the content is merely the subjective opinion of the Editorship. Thus, the Cryptocurrency Market Report does not replace any consultation or use of personal consultation with your bank or financial adviser which is in any case definitely recommended.

Please be informed that Cryptouniverse acts as a company pursuant to Austrian laws. In the Austrian law, Cryptocurrencies are not regulated and are therefore not considered as a currency, they can therefore be considered as “items”. This means further that Cryptocurrencies are no securities and are not regulated as financial instruments.




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