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Avalon ASIC Chip Miner Project

With the Avalon ASIC Chip miner project Thomas and Stefan launched their first community project on Bitcointalk in May 2013. At that time ASIC technology was pretty new and just replaced conventional FPGA miner technology. The first ASIC machines were really expensive and the availability was poor. Due to that some developers came together and created some of the first community miners based on ASIC chips. The plan was to source the chips and assemble them in cooperation with a German ASIC miner developer. The final result would have been a hosted mining business, where certain shares of mining power could be bought. Unfortunately, due to pricing adjustments in the ASIC chip market the project couldn’t be finalized. Everything was refunded to the investors.


Bitcointalk project description:

Hey guys, in this thread I want to introduce a community mining project, which will run with miners made of Avalon ASIC chips.

About this project?

  • This project will be an investment project for you! You can buy shares from ASIC miners, each share is equivalent to ~920Mh/s hashing power
  • The more shares are bought the more miners will be bought
  • All shares and shareholders will be listed in this thread
  • There will be weekly payments
  • Will will buy the ASIC chips in a group buy and we will probably buy the 20 chips mining Units from Burnin ( one of his devices will provide 5,5GH/s hashing power)
  • This service will be available as long as it will be profitable for our investors
  • We are at no time the owners of the mining devices, we will only host and administrate the devices for you
  • Each Miner with the Mining power of 5,5 GH/s will be splitted into 6 Shares


  • no need to configure any hardware or software
  • cheap hashingpower
  • good community support, with frequent news

Bitcointalk Link:

Avalon Project Bitcointalk

Hosted Bitfury ASIC Mining

As a result of the refunded Avalon Chip Miner project and also due to the fact a suitable hosting location was already prepared, another Community mining project was planned around June 2013. This time with the new player on the market; Bitfury and a hardware partner named Bitcentury. Because of Russian export regulations this project also had to be refunded just before delivery of the devices.

Bitcointalk project description:

Hi guys, in this thread we want to introduce a new community mining project, which is based on Bitfury mining devices. (Group buy -> Group Buy )
It will be based on the same scheme like our open source ASIC miner project (Miner Project)


  • Low power costs (0,7W – 1W / GH) -> So you will get more mining earnings.
  • 120GH / device for a low price of 1,25 BTC / 3GH/s

About this project:

  • There will be 40 shares for 1,25 BTC each per device.
  • One share equals a hashing power of 3GH/S
  • The devices will be hosted by us (No hosting effort for you !)
  • The power costs will be subtracted from the mining earnings.
  • There will also be a small handling fee of 1,5% before ROI and 5% after ROI
  • Please note the user Akka is already provided with my identity data-> see my other community project
  • Bitcointalk Link:

Bitfury Asic mining Project

Image courtesy: Bitfury

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