Best way to trade Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies!

Recently we started our Cryptomarket Reports which aim to provide trading signals on a longer time-range of a few days to weeks. See more here.

In this series we want to show you what and how to trade in Cryptocurrencies on the shorter timeframes. The best way to do this is with the help of a reliable CFD platform like PLUS 500.

See a guide about Plus500 on our partner page:

Scope of our Trading project:

We plan on doing some kind of live trading in the future and also bring some trading videos on YouTube. You will then be able to see which Cryptocurrencies we trade and how to find good opportunities in the Cryptocurrency market. All trades will be done on the platform PLUS500 or as investments on classical BTC exchanges.

At the moment Iam at the stage of getting familiar with Plus500 and learn the platform, although its a quite easy to use GUI.


See below my current account snapshots:
























Risk Warning:

Please consider that by the use of CFDs your capital is at risk.

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