Best Crypto exchanges in 2019!

Best Crypto exchanges in 2019!

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Looking through the numerous alternatives to find a supreme cryptocurrency exchange can be a tedious thing to do. Cryptocurrencies had an astronomical excellent path in 2017 but have rebounded on some of their achievements through the first phase of 2018. Bitcoin which is the world-class celebrated and most traded crypto had harvested over about $19,000 in opposition to the dollar in December year 2017.

Cryptocurrency specialist and authorities are still holding at their confident side of things and are still expecting the digital currency to rebuild momentum in the second phase of the year 2019 and beyond.  It was forecasted by WishKnish CEO of Alisa Gus who is a tremendous eye among the panel members at comparison website which is commonly known as Finder, the key personality suggested by then that Bitcoin may complete the year at a suggested and assumed value of about $25,000.During that time, they concluded that the mean averaged completion summation of the year’s price forecasted for Bitcoin, bearing in mind that this was made by all the panel members was coming to a value of about $14,638.

So as you already have an eye on the above statements, things seem to show that cryptocurrency business is definitely a highly dynamic endeavor, but as the saying goes ” the results and payment of success is hard work ,dedication to the job at hand and which is available but most importantly the determination of whether you lose or win” Putting this proverb at work and by looking at the science of walking the right direction when it comes to cryptocurrency business, one has to employ the knowledge of choose and being aware about the best cryptocurrency exchanges in  2019.

First things first, for you to fully come to terms about cryptocurrency and what it does, you need to have a crystal understanding of what exactly such thing means right? So, without any further ado, this article introduces you to what cryptocurrency is and what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges:

What is a cryptocurrency?

To be honest, the simple definition of cryptocurrencies is that is it a digital currency in which encoded capabilities are being employed to modulate the production of units and bales of currency and to verify the transfer of funds working independently of a central bank.

The above has managed the smooth running of the business in the digital era where funds are being wired, managed with quality security that has seen executive business names making large investments and achievements using cryptocurrencies and their exchange. With this information at hand, now let’s walk into introducing what are cryptocurrency exchanges and exactly which ones are best for the sure success of 2019.

So, what are cryptocurrency exchanges and which are the best ones for the success of business in 2019? Well, at this point, this article will figure and bring to you the cryptocurrency exchanges that have been accessed and which are believed to be the key to the success of this year 2019. Without wasting time, let’s dive into what is best for 2019 as long as crypto is concerned:

Cryptocurrency exchanges refer to a form of business where customers are allowed to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies for other assets. This business allows the exchange of either authorized money to cryptocurrencies or from one cryptocurrency to another. The key term here is “Exchanging”

 For the best of the cryptocurrency business, the following need to be at the top of the mind of a person who plays key roles in their involvements with the crypto business exchange:

  • Looking out for the security of one’s crypto holdings
  • Preferring to crypto exchanges that offer excellent functionality
  • Dealing with user-friendly crypto exchanges and finally using and understanding secure crypto exchanges.


Now have a look at the excellent and best-rated cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019: Before going deep into this, you have to understand that as defined earlier,   this is simply a business where there is exchange for buying and selling of either the currencies themselves or using other digital means which has been termed as –Fiat currencies which basically refer to digital or authorized currencies.

Now, some characteristics apply to different types of crypto exchanges that you should know. This is to provide you a chance of having a clear understanding wholesomely about anything to do with cryptocurrency business. Such characteristics differ in terms of offering different types of cryptocurrencies, having different terms of usage in opposition to one another, having different policies, having different payment methods and different amount of fees. Furthermore,   different cryptocurrency exchanges may come with restrictions based on geographical locations of either business or the customer in question.

Additionally, some other forms and types of exchanges simply offer an encounter that is favorable to only a certain number of investors and customers. What makes one cryptocurrency exchange accommodates you better than the other is based on factors like Security, user sociability, its functionality and the fundamental design of such exchange. With all that said, cryptocurrency exchanges can, therefore, be grouped and be sorted into the following types:


When you think about Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, one of the famous world-trusted Coinbase exchange platforms is located in San-Francisco in northern California. This trading platform serves over about 32 countries around the world and users feel that it does a tremendous job to the excellent services it offers to is also known to have over around four billion user base. This platform and its services offer customers a friendly co-ordinate nature that makes cryptocurrency business an excellent business to many and mostly those who have been into business with it for sometimes.

It is with no doubt that this is already seen to be one in the group of cryptocurrency exchanges that will make 2019 a year of immeasurable success to crypto business people. Additionally, this platform has other characteristics that make it outstanding such as:

Its users can choose many methods to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies which come along with permission to use payment methods like PayPal, Bank wires, credits cards, and Bank Transfers. Nevertheless, the exact of how purchases are made is dependent on where you reside.

For example, United States users who buy using Debit cards or USD wallets access their purchase immediately while the Bank transfers for the United States customers take sometimes and are the only way to transfer bank funds.

For customers from the European Union have their domestic means of exchange stored under what is called Coinbase wallet account and this means that any buying that is made through it or a Debit Card can take place instantly while for European customers deposits are made through a wallet called SEPA which takes them about 3 business days to receive their purchases.

BitMex *

This is seen as a somewhat exceptional platform for cryptocurrency exchanges approach because it operates out of it an original place which is Hong Kong in southern China. Fortunately, BitMex is also categorized as one of the top leading platforms of cryptocurrency exchanges in the whole world.

It is rumored that this site has done Bitcoin business that is being approximated to be about 35billion dollars since it came to life. It specifically deals with Bitcoin that can later be used to buy other cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively, what makes this platform superior to the other mentioned platforms is that it houses within itself quality and unique features. It has an excellent feature called the margin that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage within the site. It also had room for its customers to use bear markets by changing them into huge investments through a short period of trading with this platform

Even though it is seen that short trading in cryptocurrency business can be a dangerous thing to partake, things change to the good news because this site allows users to reap big when there is fall in the price of cryptocurrencies. This is therefore among the best cryptocurrency exchanges and is also highly advantageous in 2019 and beyond.

For further information, those who look to get into business with BitMex are required to sign in to the platform’s website which only requires to demands. On is that the user has an email account and is at least aged about 18 years.

Moreover, this exchange platform works against the dollar and so US-based traders are not accepted. It deals with currencies like the Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen. It also deals with Bitcoin although it not recommend for those who are fresh starting in crypto business but is highly favorable to those who are looking to increase their success margins in cryptocurrency business.

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This is another top celebrated exchange platform that is situated in Israel; it works in a wide range of multiple countries. Nevertheless, this platform is not supported in the whole of places like in the United States but is still accepted and functional to some United States cities.

It is also known due to its ease of use where everyone for those who are starting into the crypto business can still be able to navigate with ease through the website. It is also famed because of its unique requirement of allowing only the purchasing of Bitcoin through credit cards. The business here is specifically allowed in a daily minimum of buying Bitcoin that is worth $5000 and $30,000 per month.

Additionally, CoinMama is still offering it users other advantageous features one being that it doesn’t take a person long to be verified. It takes a short time as just about 10 minutes from the time of application to get a notification that you’re verified and ready to get into the business. For those who prefer wire transfers, it will take one about 3 to 5 working days to access their purchase.

Speaking in general terms about fees, this platform know the work ethic that says “Do not overcharge your customers” So this only charges a fee of 6% on all Bitcoin purchases made through the site and the lucky customers are those are European for they get a lower fee when they use what is  known as SEPA wallets.



Binance is one of the world-famous top playing cryptocurrency exchanges and in spite of it being a newcomer into the market; it has built for itself a tangible reputation that is taking the world by storm

Binance was originally brought to life in china but earlier this year; its operations were moved to Malta. It is a platform that specializes with only C2C exchanges and it never involves in any other like fiat and the likes.

When you opt to use Binance, it will give you two clean options and of which you’re required to choose only one for yourself. These are:

You decided to go with a basic trading option or

You measure sides and take a walk with advanced trading.

For the best information about what option is best suited to things better, you’re recommended to pick advanced trading option. Why is that?

Because this option has the following favor: it gives its users a crystal insight and technical analyses of what has been happening over time with different cryptocurrency exchanges.

For those looking to get started with Binance, things are not complicated as one is only demanded of having a level 1 account which doesn’t even require verification and it works under the terms that you’re eligible to withdraw a maximum of 2 Bitcoin in a day but for the folks who are looking for bigger withdrawal and here we are talking about up to 100 Bitcoin, then these guys are required to have a level 2 account and still wait for verifications.

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It’s celebrated as the largest in places like Toronto in Canada. It has about 100, 00 active users being served by about 90 workers.

This top-rated at where it is situated started as a Bitcoin mother but later, it changed and allowed that other cryptocurrencies can come to trade.

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Local Bitcoins*

This is a famous peer to peer exchange platform situated in Finland. It has a magical criterion of working where it takes a measure of matching sellers and buyers of Bitcoin. It is celebrated as one of the exceptionally easy to use methods where even those who are still fresh from the crypto business don’t have to fear to work with it. The account opening isn’t a tedious job and so one can enjoy working with it.

Once a user has an account, one is then required to search for Bitcoin vendors in their country or place of residence and once you get one or several of them, you are required to look at the paying methods and such things like Identification verification.

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Because everything has a start and an end, this piece closes with one of the still small but already widely celebrated Cryptocurrency exchanges platform that is Singapore based.

This is a good one because it accommodates those who are looking for a platform that only deals with countable countries. Huobi offers tremendous services to about 130 countries only

If you are looking for one which suites only a limited number of countries for security purposes, this one is for you but you’ll have to see if your country is among those which benefits from it.



To have a successful Cryptocurrency business, you have to be equipped with the best information about it. This is the reason why this article is tailored to bring you any open eye about all that you need to know when it comes to Cryptocurrency business.

Many have been looking to find the best pieces of information. This one is the five-star piece that has taken extensive research to prevent you. The above makes things easy for your decisions on which exchanges to take.

Best places to buy Cryptocurrencies like BTC:


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