Stefan and Thomas are Bitcoin veterans who implemented various Bitcointalk community projects in 2013. Together they also founded the successful online forum China-Devices. In his professional career Stefan runs the YouTube Tech channel “Techmagnet” with more than 290k subscribers and works together with a lot of reputable brands around the globe. Thomas is employed as an engineer in an international company in the oil and gas sector and also enjoys to trade the financial markets professionally in different underlyings. The establishment of Cryptouniverse was the next step after years of successful collaboration in various projects. Their current project is called Bitcoinpleez, and aims to disrupt offline solutions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Core-Team

Our Core-Team consists out of tech- and business-specialists with experience in distribution, mining and marketing.

After more than 6 years of experience in international projects in product management and the development of industrial valves, Thomas has become self-employed in the field of blockchain and bitcoin. During this time he completed a degree in industrial engineering while working extra-occupational. His strengths lie in management and finance.

Technically skilled problem solver and marketing specialist. Many years of experience in the field of consumer electronics and computers as well as implementation of marketing campaigns for international corporations. Original mechanical engineer and TU process engineering student, but since 2012 successfully self-employed in the field of marketing and online projects.

Goal-oriented. Has fun with complex and demanding tasks (development of large-scale technological-economic projects) and in the development and management of employees. Senior Advisor in Downstream Oil Business. Experience in outsourcing and international projects. Senior Advisor and Business strategist at Cryptouniverse.


We focus on selling mining equipment especially ASIC-Miners.  We also do large scale mining hardware distribution and equip mining farms across europe.


Cryptouniverse has been established in early 2017 and took over the european distribution for Canaan.io in late 2017. Now we focus on expanding our portfolio of ASIC-Miners and GPU-Miners.


We want to see miners back in the hands of the community. Our vision is to be the biggest supplier of consumer mining hardware, help to grow the blockchain and bring back the miners to the people.


We are always open for new business opportunities.  If you want to cooperate with us, make sure to contact us via mail.


We offer 24/7 support via E-Mail. Support is very important for us, that’s why we respond to every request.

We only sell the best miners and hardware available. High quality is very important for us.

We send out all our products with our shipping partner GLS.

We care about YOU ! We offer pre-sale and after-sale support via mail.

Ongoing Projects

We are currently in preparation phase for this project. The official announcement will be made soon!
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Canaan miner shop
Why chose cryptouniverse ?  We are specialists in importing and reselling mining hardware. We are the official european canaan.io distributor
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Finished Projects

Community Mining
Avalon ASIC Chip Miner Project With the Avalon ASIC Chip miner project Thomas and Stefan launched their first community project
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Custom Case Design for Bitfury Hboard/Mboard Miners
Custom Case Design for Bitfury Hboard/Mboard Miners In July 2013 Thomas and Stefan came to know a guy working closely
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Custom Case Design for Bitfury SHASH Miners and Burnin FURY Miners
Custom Case Design for Bitfury SHASH Miners and Burnin FURY Miners After the successful launch of the Bitfury Hboard/Mboard Miner
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The AVR-Playground event was organized by Stefan’s project TechMagnet to get people in contact with the new technology called “Virtual and
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Offline Exchange Solutions
  It is our goal to disrupt existing offline exchange solutions with our new project Bitcoinpleez. Bitcoinpleez aims to provide
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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Reports
  With cryptocurrency market reports it is our goal to guide both the layman and the professionalist through the cryptocurrency
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